Apple Vision Pro: A Sneak Peek into its Stunning Virtual Realms

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, like other top virtual reality headsets, aims to transport users to different worlds. A sneak peek video recently surfaced, offering a glimpse into how Apple’s device will achieve this in a whole new way.

The M1Astra account on X (formerly known as Twitter) began posting videos showcasing the Vision Pro’s Yosemite Environment in action. The video captures sparkling snow drifts, majestic mountains, and serene clear blue skies.

This immersive experience offers a tranquil escape, allowing users to appreciate the calm and beauty of one of the world’s most iconic national parks as they move and tilt their head.

The Vision Pro’s Environments feature includes various locations, such as a sun-drenched beach, a crisp autumnal scene, and the dusty plains of the Moon in outer space.

Immersive environments

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The Environments feature aims to provide a means to tune out the real world and enhance focus, serving as backgrounds for virtual movie screens or as backdrops for apps and video calls.

In a video shared by M1Astra, a user is seen walking around in the environment, with sunlight glinting off the snow and clouds drifting across the sky, lending life and motion to the virtual world.

Activating an environment is as simple as turning the Vision Pro’s Digital Crown, toggling between passthrough augmented reality and immersive virtual reality. While this process seems quick and easy, its efficiency will become clearer upon the device’s release.

Apple’s Vision Pro is set to hit the shelves in March 2024, leaving ample time for more leaks and information about the Environments feature. It already appears to be a promising feature worth exploring once the headset becomes available.

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