Dataminr to Lay off 20% of its Workforce as it Shifts Focus to AI

Dataminr, a prominent New York-based big data firm valued at $4.1 billion, is undergoing a significant transformation. The company, renowned for utilizing AI and big data algorithms to deliver predictive insights on news and global events, is set to lay off approximately 20% of its staff, equating to around 150 employees. This move is attributed to the impact of the economic climate, operational efficiencies, and the rapid advancements of its AI platform, as detailed in a memo from founder and CEO Ted Bailey.

Staff were instructed to work from home as they awaited further details about the staff reduction. While the specific business areas affected by the restructuring remain undisclosed, the memo assured that these measures are aimed at solidifying Dataminr’s financial position.

Bailey emphasized that the restructuring will yield a robust financial standing for Dataminr, enabling the company to advance its AI platform and products. The forthcoming launch of a new AI platform in Q1 is expected to combine predictive AI with generative AI, underscoring Dataminr’s commitment to technological innovation despite the current changes.

Although the company reached out to confirm the details, several individuals have corroborated the memo’s contents. Furthermore, there have been LinkedIn posts from individuals looking to hire following the news.

Established in 2009, Dataminr initially gained prominence for leveraging big data techniques to interpret unstructured data from social media and other sources, providing valuable insights into global events and news. Despite attracting controversy over its data usage, the company secured key partnerships with platforms like Twitter and garnered a diverse clientele in government, enterprise, finance, and media.

Throughout the years, Dataminr amassed substantial funding, most notably a $475 million investment in 2021, which valued the company at $4.1 billion. With multiple investors, including Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, and Venrock, Dataminr has maintained an influential position in the industry.

Notably, in the pursuit of technological advancement, Dataminr has placed increasing emphasis on its AI capabilities, potentially contributing to the strategic decision to downsize its workforce without compromising its operations.

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