Elon Musk Renews Hope for QAnon Believers Just in Time for the 2024 Elections

Despite no new messages from Q in almost three years and former US President Donald Trump facing mounting legal woes, the QAnon political conspiracy may not be losing steam. On November 22, Elon Musk tweeted “Q*Anon” out to his 164.5 million followers, potentially renewing hope for conspiracists around the world.

Musk’s post, which has been viewed 7.8 million times, linked to a story referencing a secret OpenAI project known as Q* (pronounced Q star). The online spaces where QAnon still flourishes—message boards, Telegram, and X itself—lit up with excited believers cheering Musk’s post, claiming it was an endorsement of their worldview and confirmation that they were on the right path.

Members of QAnon channels on Telegram and Truth Social expressed enthusiasm over Musk’s post, with some hoping it would prompt others to question and seek answers. Additionally, other QAnon figures highlighted the way Musk wrote QAnon—with a star symbol between Q and Anon—as a reference to the belief that the phrase QAnon is a media construction, indicating that Musk was intentional with his choice of wording.

As the 2024 election approaches and with almost a quarter of the country believing in some aspects of QAnon, it’s evident that the conspiracy movement could play a significant role. With Trump continuing to court the group’s attention, a QAnon follower running for Congress, and prominent figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene appearing on QAnon shows, the movement and its promoters have thrived since Musk took control of the company last November. Musk’s use of the term QAnon could be seen as his most explicit endorsement of the movement to date.

While some of Musk’s supporters defended his reference to QAnon as mere trolling, QAnon adherents interpreted it as a wholehearted endorsement from one of the most powerful people in the world. Regardless of Musk’s intent, Q believers are likely to view it as such.

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