Arcade1Up Deals Abound for Cyber ​​Monday

Arcade1Up Deals Abound for Cyber ​​Monday – CNET

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Ever wanted an arcade cabinet? Cyber ​​Monday is a great time to buy one.

Of all the video game gadgets out there, few are as cool as Arcade1Up cabinets. These home-sized arcade machines are packed with classic games, and you don’t have to sacrifice your allowance to play them anymore.

Cyber ​​Monday has a bunch of deals on them, from retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. One of the coolest machines Arcade1Up sells is the TMNT: Turtles in Time cabinet, which is only $500 — that’s $250 off its regular price.


Turtles in Time is widely considered to be one of the best arcade games from the ’90s, but this Arcade1Up cabinet doesn’t just come with that classic. It also includes the original, earlier Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. That means you can play through two awesome TMNT beat ’em ups with three of your friends — each of you controlling your own amphibian ninja.

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But that’s not the only machine that Arcade1Up has discounted this Cyber ​​Monday. Pretty much every machine available in stores right now sees some kind of deal. Check out the best of them below.

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