Dead Space Remake: 7 Useful Tips for Surviving in Space

DeadSpace might be the best video game remake ever created. Whether you’re a fan of the series or brand new to the game, the sci-fi survival horror title can be a little tricky.

The remake of the 2008 game came out Friday, and players are stepping back into the role of Isaac, an engineer who finds himself in the middle of an utter nightmare. Even though the game is 15 years old, developer Motive Studios made some small changes to its formula to create a fresh experience for anyone playing.

Here are seven tips to survive Dead Space.

Always go for the limbs

Multiple characters in the game mention cutting off the limbs of the Necromorphs, the game’s alien bad guys. It can’t be said enough how important this is.

Shots to the head and body don’t do nearly as much damage as cutting off a limb, making the effort a waste of ammo. Most of the weapons available to Isaac are intended to be used to cut off the extremities, but you have to make sure to target limbs accordingly.

Use the right weapon on the right enemy

Speaking of weapons, with so many options, it’s important to know which one is best for the job. Isaac starts off with the Plasma Cutter, ideal for the commonly found Slashers, with their long limbs, or the doglike Lurkers. Isaac’s second weapon, the Plasma Rifle, is perfect for the Exploders, who have a pouch of chemicals attached to them. It takes only a few bullets for the pouch to explode. Since ammunition is limited in Dead Space, picking the right weapon will help prevent you from running out of ammo at the worst time.

Never forget to stomp

Necromorphs can take a lot of damage and still move around with only one or two working limbs. Because of this, one way to make sure they’re dead is by stomping on them. Not only does smashing them to bits with Isaac’s boot provide some satisfaction, it’ll also cause an item to drop from the Necromorph. Practically every one will have some useful item on it.

Use your stasis

The Stasis Module is a suit upgrade that lets you slow down an object or enemy. At the start of the game, Isaac can use it just a few times before its depleted, but upgrades to his suit extend the amount available. Though initially Statis is used to get past an out-of-control door, it’s an incredibly helpful tool for dealing with Necromorphs. A shot to an individual or group of enemies will slow them down tremendously, giving you more time to evade attacks, target a limb or run away.

Use Kinesis to get hard-to-reach items

Kinesis is another module Isaac acquires early in the game to move obstacles in his way. It can also be used to solve puzzles and to throw pipes and exploding canisters at Necromorphs.

Kinesis can also be used to grab items. Keep an eye out for the glowing green or white dots on items. Instead of running, or floating, to get them, you can use Kinesis to bring items right to you. There are some items purposely placed out of reach that can be acquired only with Kinesis.

Don’t let your health get too low

Isaac’s health is visible on his back and goes from green to yellow to red as it’s depleted. Since Dead Space is a survival horror game, healing items are hard to come by. The problem is that certain Necromorphs have a grab attack that can immediately kill Isaac if his health is in the red. If it’s that low, make sure to keep some distance from the enemies.

Save often

Modern games autosave a player’s progress frequently. Dead Space, however, predates that feature, which means it’s important to save your progress often. There are segments of the game when an autosave happens, but don’t rely on these, or else you’ll risk incurring a setback.

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