Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save $50 on the Xbox Series X


Score this steep saving on Microsoft’s flagship Xbox Series X console while you can. With 10% off, free shipping and good availability, this deal is a super rare find.

Deals on the Xbox Series X are super rare. In fact, until recently just getting ahold of one at full price has been a struggle. However, for a limited time you can save 10% on one at Verizon, dropping its price down to $450. It’s shipped free and you don’t have to be an existing Verizon customer to get in on the deal.

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console in Microsoft’s lineup. Though similar in both name and specs to the cheaper Xbox Series S, the flagship Series X offers 4K gaming, faster performance and more built-in storage. It’s also got a disc drive, which means it’s useful for people who want to play both physical and digital versions of games or use the device to play Blu-rays.

Verizon’s sale makes for one of the best Xbox deals we’ve seen since this current crop of consoles launched, though there’s no clear-cut expiry on it. Be sure to get your order in as soon as possible if you want to grab one at this price.

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