Flip the script on Elden Ring’s toughest foes by playing as Sekiro’s final boss

The Venn diagram of weebs and FromSoft fans is more or less a circle, and modder Hotbite over on the Elden Ring Nexus (opens in new tab) has just made their dreams come true. Hotbite has successfully implemented the moveset of Sekiro’s infamously tough final boss, Sword Saint Isshin, in a playable form in Elden Ring.

Wolf might have been FromSoftware’s coolest protagonist, but even he looks like a chump compared to Isshin, another classic FromSoft “tragic boss guy who’s way cooler than you’ll ever be.” Isshin was the heroic, almost mythic champion of Ashina, a charismatic warrior-king who managed to cling to life long enough to see the decline and fall of his kingdom.

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