Forget combat, we asked the devs behind this upcoming RPG how they’re including jobs like ‘doctor’ and ‘orator’

Where Winds Meet was my favorite announcement from this year’s Gamescom. It looks like a wuxia-style Assassin’s Creed—especially the bit in the trailer where the protagonist is wandering through a crowded street—but what really interests me is the promise of open-ended roleplaying where I can spend my time working as a doctor, a bodyguard, or apparently a professional orator who makes a living shouting at people.

Where Winds Meet is being developed by a Chinese studio called Everstone. Recently, three of the developers—lead producer Amber, product manager Beralt Lyu, and lead designer Chris Lyu—collaborated on answers to some of the questions I had after the reveal trailer (which is embedded below). Although combat is a big part of Where Winds Meet and I’m curious about its use of tai chi principles, I didn’t ask any questions about combat. I just had to know more about my non-warrior career options.

Players can catch colds “after exposure to alternating periods of cold and hot temperatures.”

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