Former eBay exec who harassed and spied on bloggers is going to prison

As reported by the Boston Globe (opens in new tab) (readers may encounter a paywall), James Baugh, the former head of safety and security at eBay, was sentenced to nearly five years in prison yesterday over his execution of a bizarre harassment campaign against bloggers David and Ina Steiner. Baugh is one of seven former eBay executives and high level employees to plead guilty in relation to the case.

I mostly understand eBay as a place to get cheap second hand PC parts (buyer beware, by the way (opens in new tab)) or even absurdly overpriced collectible big boxes (opens in new tab). In a truly more innocent time, Weird Al Yankovic graced the digital marketplace with one of those darling parodical songs of his (opens in new tab). It’s a bit shocking then, to read about the truly gangsterish intimidation campaign its executive-level employees masterminded.

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