It’s Mass Effect’s 15th birthday so the original pitch document is doing the rounds again

Mass Effect is 15 years old as of November 20, and unofficial Twitter account Mass Effect News (opens in new tab) has celebrated by collecting together some of its prototype art, video, and documents. While none of this is new (the scan of the 2003 pitch document (opens in new tab) has been floating around on the internet for over a decade), it’s still interesting to look back at how much of it changed.

For starters, when Casey Hudson submitted that pitch on September 15, 2003, it was for a game to be called not Mass Effect, but “SFX”. Other suggested titles came later, several of which made it as far as having logo designed (opens in new tab)like The Epsilon Effect, Biowar, Element Zero, Element, The Oculon, The Optigon, Unearthed, Nebula: Guardians of the Citadel, Star Citadel, and plain old The Citadel.

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