Just two years after release, DJ rhythm game Fuser is being delisted

The DJ rhythm game Fuser made a pretty good impression on us when it released in late 2020: It melted James’ EDM-hating heart (opens in new tab)and convinced Tyler that Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” belongs, well, in pretty much every other song you can name (opens in new tab). “Fuser feels like a natural evolution for Harmonix and, scoring system aside, lets players take control of the music more than ever before,” we wrote in our 77% review (opens in new tab). Very solid appraisals all around!

Unfortunately, just two years after it launched, Fuser is going away for good. “On December 19, we will be disabling Fuser’s live services and all sales of the game, as well as its DLC,” Harmonix announced today. “Players who already own Fuser will still be able to play the Campaign and Quick Play with any DLC they have already acquired. Thank you again for your support and for all the amazing mixes over the years.”

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