Magic: The Gathering gets mechs in the new Brothers’ War set

Normally I don’t pay much attention to the story side of Magic: The Gathering. I know that it has one, I watch the trailers (opens in new tab) and appreciate enough of the broad sweep to put the cards in context, but I’m not out here reading novelizations or tie-in comics or official cookbooks. (There isn’t actually an official cookbook, but it’s only a matter of time.) Then I saw that Miguel Lopez, co-creator of the Lancer tabletop RPG (opens in new tab)wrote the story for Magic’s new expansion The Brothers’ War.

Lancer is a neat “mud and lasers” game of giant robot pilots who fight gritty battles for a better future, while The Brothers’ War is about traveling back in time to a period of war between—wouldn’t you know it—giant robots . It’s in Lopez’s wheelhouse is what I’m saying. I figured I’d give his card-game fiction a chance, and now I’m three episodes into a story about robots powered by magic rocks and the end of the world (opens in new tab)enjoying it so much I’ve built a deck around Queen Kayla bin-Kroog (opens in new tab) because I thought she seemed neat. I don’t even recognize myself any more.

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