Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition of Nintendo Switch OLED Preorders Start Today

Ahead of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming release in November, preorders for a limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED system went on sale at multiple retailers on Thursday. While it has already sold out at many stores, there is a chance that more stock may become available at a later date.

The limited-edition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nintendo Switch OLED features a white charging stand with Koraidon and Miraidon emblazoned on the front. Its red and purple Joy-Cons also sport the insignias of their respective academies and feature the starters on the back.

At $359, it is $10 more expensive than a standard Nintendo Switch OLED. This marks the second time Nintendo is releasing a limited-edition OLED system based on a popular series, with the first being a Splatoon 3 edition released a month ago.

The Nintendo Switch OLED features a 7-inch OLED display, an improved adjustable stand, 64GB of storage, enhanced audio and a built-in wired LAN port on the dock.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are set to take players to the all-new Paldea region, home to new Pokemon waiting to be discovered. While The Pokemon Company has revealed some of the new creaturesplayers will have to catch ’em all when the games arrive on Nov. 18. For the first time in the mainline series, players can team up with friends in co-op and explore the region together.

Clarification at 1:50pm PT: The Splatoon 3 limited-edition Switch OLED arrived ahead of the game.

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