Sierra’s classic city builder returns next month with Pharaoh: A New Era

Those of us of a certain age—or with a certain impeccable taste—will be interested to hear that Pharaoh: A New Era (opens in new tab) has finally gotten a release date. A remake of Sierra’s 1999 city-builder Pharaoh (and its expansion Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile), the game promises a slick and prettied-up new version of the old classic when it releases on February 15.

The remake boasts over 50 playable missions, 100 hours of gameplay, and 4000 years of Egyptian history, alongside all the usual bells and whistles like 4K resolutions and a UI parseable by mortal eyes. The devs at Triskell have even taken the original soundtrack and rearranged it with “traditional oriental instruments”. It’s the same old Pharaoh gameplay, though: You’ll have to juggle all sorts of weighty responsibilities to make sure your city doesn’t crumble into the sand dunes, like “the economy, internal and external trade, culture, health, agriculture, education,” plus the flooding of the Nile and the literal plagues of Egypt (opens in new tab).

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