Studio makes its beloved destructible FPS free in bid to keep it alive

Ghost Shark Games is best known for 2019’s unique spaced-out puzzler Still There (opens in new tab), but the studio’s first game was 2015’s Blockstorm. The game basically smooshed-together a fast Quake-style shooter with a Minecraft-inspired sandbox, the latter part of which allowed extensive customization of avatars, maps, modes and weapons.

Blockstorm has attracted near-universal acclaim from Steam reviewers over its lifespan, with just under 6,500 reviews putting it at “very positive”, but the recent reviews have not been so great. Mainly this is because it’s a multiplayer only game and, in the last year or so, the playerbase has moved on to other things. So GhostShark and publisher IndieGala had a decision to make… and it’s done the opposite of what companies like Meta do (opens in new tab).

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