The next Gundam game is a free 6vs6 shooter hitting Steam this month

Gundam Evolution, Bandai Namco’s free-to-play hero shooter set in the world of the wildly popular mecha anime, is set for a Steam release (opens in new tab) on September 22. The game will feature 12 playable mobile suits (those are the mechs, if you’re a philistine like me), 6v6 combat, and three “objective-based” game modes. Also, one of the mechs has a glowing war ax and pteruges (opens in new tab) for some reason.

The game will be replete with all the various equippable bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from free-to-play shooters. You’ll be able to acquire skins for your mobile suits and weapons, pick up emotes, and deck yourself out with ornaments as you proceed through the seasonal battle passes. The game will launch in its season 1 state, but more things will be added as the seasons progress.

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