Google Drive’s New Homepage Redesign Aims to Improve File Search Efficiency

Google Drive is making it easier to find files with its new homepage as the company addresses a bug causing files to go missing from users’ drives. It expects to resolve the issue in the coming days. Additionally, the cloud storage service is extending its document scanning feature to iOS devices, a decade after its launch on Android.

The new “Home” view on Google Drive leverages machine learning algorithms to suggest files and folders that users have recently accessed, shared, or edited. It can also suggest documents attached to upcoming Google Calendar events.

Furthermore, the homepage introduces new filters called “search chips” to search documents by type, people, modified date, or location. It also includes separate tabs for switching between files and folders.

In a blog post, Google explained that it’s employing Google’s Material Design 3 guidelines for a more modern design, aligning with Android 12, 13, and 14.

The Home view is now the default homepage, but users can switch back to the old landing page by clicking on the “Change to My Drive” option in the banner. The update will be fully rolled out by January, following testing that began in May.

Image Credits: Google

Google is also expanding its document scanning feature to iOS devices, following its launch on Android in 2013. Apple introduced a scanner feature in the Notes app in 2017.

Located in the Drive app, Google’s scanner allows users to scan physical documents, apply filters, crop them, and save them to Drive.

The Drive scanner on Android now includes an automatic capture feature, an option to import documents from the camera roll, a new scanner button to quickly initiate a scan, and a camera viewfinder to help position the document. Earlier this year, Google added title suggestions for scanned documents.

Image Credits: Google

Recent reports indicated that Google Drive encountered issues with missing files. According to multiple posts on the Google Support forum, some users experienced complete disappearance of their files from the cloud service. The company is investigating these reports and has advised users against disconnecting their accounts or deleting/moving app data folders.

Addressing the issue, a company representative stated, “We have identified the issue impacting a small subset of Drive for desktop users on version 84, which only affected local file changes that had yet to be synced to Drive. We are working on a solution to make files available to users and expect the solution to be available in the next few days.”

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