Could the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 look like this? Let’s hope so!

A new, larger cover display is heavily rumored for the next Galaxy Z Flip phone.

A new leak claims to show what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s outer display will look like and we’re in for a treat if it’s anything like what this image depicts.

Assuming the leak is correct, the next foldable flip phone from Samsung will have a much larger cover display than anything we’ve seen before. In fact, it’ll be much more like the Oppo Find N2 Flip which is already a good-looking bit of kit.

The latest info comes via Twitter leaker Ice Universe who has shared an image showing what they think the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display will look like. And spoiler: it’s much, much bigger than anything we’ve seen before.

In the image above we can see a new cover display that essentially fills the entire shell of the phone, something that would no doubt make it a much better experience to use than anything we’ve been used to so far. To put things into context, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 currently has a cover display that measures 1.9 inches, whereas the impressive Oppo Find N2 Flip’s much later display weighs in at 3.26 inches. That’s a big difference, but this image shows something that will dwarf even that.

We’re still a good few months away from Samsung unveiling the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and we can surely expect there to be a fair few more leaks before that happens. But we think we can all agree that, if this is what we get when Samsung announces the next foldable, we’ll be very happy indeed.

If Samsung follows its previous release schedule we can expect it to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in August 2023, which is still a fair way off unfortunately.

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