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(Pocket-lint) – The OnePlus 11 Pro is one of many upcoming phones we’re looking forward to seeing in 2023, and it follows on from one of the best value-for-money flagship phones on the market this year: the OnePlus 10 pers.

Detailed rumors and image leaks have already started surfacing for the next premium phone from OnePlus, and so – we think – we already have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from it.

As more rumours, leaks and information comes to the fore, we’ll continue updating this feature with the story of the OnePlus 11 Pro as it unfolds. Want to know about the next flagship OnePlus? This is the place to be.

OnePlus 11 Pro launch timeframe

  • First Quarter 2023
  • Around £800/$800?


Information from early specification and design leaks suggests that we’ll see the OnePlus 11 Pro at some point in the first quarter of 2023. It would make sense, since that’s when the OnePlus 10 Pro first made its appearance in 2022.

If OnePlus follows a similar pattern for the 11 Pro, we’ll could see a first glimpse of the product as early as January, with an initial launch in China and a global rollout a couple of months later.

Nothing has been said on the pricing yet, but it would make sense for it to sit near the upper end of the market. The OnePlus 10 Pro was around £800/$800, and we’d expect the 11 Pro to be somewhere near that ballpark.

OnePlus 11 Pro design and display

  • Huge circular camera housing
  • Curved glass front and back
  • Alert slider switch
  • 6.7-inch QHD+ display – 120Hz

Detailed render leaks so far suggest OnePlus is making quite a dramatic change to the rear design of its flagship phone for 2023. Rather than have a rectangular or square camera unit, the back of the phone is dominated by a large circular protrusion. It’s not identical, but is similar to what we’ve seen on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

The rest of the phone’s design is very much the same as usual for OnePlus. Renders show curved glass on both the front and the back of the phone, with slim metal edges all around. And – unlike the OnePlus 10T – the Alert Slider switch is here.


Other details include the power button on the right side, beneath that Alert Slider, with the volume switch on the opposite side of the phone.

On the front, we’re expecting to see a large QuadHD+ resolution AMOLED display with punch-hole selfie camera in the top left corner. The screen is said to measure 6.7 inches diagonally and offer refresh rates up to 120Hz.

If it’s anything like the 10 Pro – and we suspect it will be – the display will offer adaptive refresh rates, allowing the screen to automatically adjust and adapt its refresh rate to match the content, going from as low as 1Hz up to its 120Hz peak . It’s also likely to continue Oppo and OnePlus’ trend of offering 10-bit, 1-billion color support.

OnePlus 11 Pro hardware specs and performance

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor
  • 16GB RAM and 256GB storage
  • 5000mAh battery with 100W fast charging

OnePlus flagship phones almost always use the latest and greatest mobile chipsets available from Qualcomm. The same is expected of the OnePlus 11 Pro. That means it’s likely to launch with the as-yet unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform. Rumors suggest this will power the phone alongside up to 16GB RAM.

It’s also claimed that the phone will have up to 256GB storage. Flagship OnePlus phones haven’t offered expandable storage for a long time, so we don’t expect any microSD card support for this one.

As for the battery, it’s claimed that we’ll see a 5000mAh capacity with support for OnePlus/Oppo’s 100W SuperVOOC branded charging. That means you’ll be able to completely refill the battery in well under 30 minutes. The interesting thing to note here – perhaps – is that the OnePlus 10T currently offers a faster 150W charging experience, but has a smaller 4800mAh battery capacity.

OnePlus 11 Pro cameras

  • 50MP primary camera
  • 48MP ultrawide
  • 32MP telephoto 2x zoom
  • 16MP selfie camera

The OnePlus 11 Pro is claimed to feature three cameras on the back, each with a dedicated function. There’s the 50-megapixel main camera alongside a 48-megapixel ultrawide and a 2x telephoto zoom camera with a 32-megapixel sensor. The selfie camera on the front is rumored to feature a 16-megapixel sensor.

If the early renders are accurate, OnePlus will continue its co-branding strategy with Hasselblad. Like Oppo, it has partnered with the camera company to offer a different camera experience with Hasselblad’s approach to color processing.

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OnePlus 11 Pro: The story so far

21 September 2022: OnePlus specifications leaked

According to an exclusive report by 91Mobiles, the OnePlus 11 Pro will have 100W charging, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and a 5000mAh battery.

14 September 2022: OnePlus 11 Pro design has been revealed

The render leaks have started, and this leak shows a huge, round camera protrusion on the back of the OnePlus 11 Pro.

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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