Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Android build eats 60GB of your storage out of the box

You’re going to run out of space quicker than you expected.

If you’re picking up a Samsung Galaxy S23 series phone you might want to consider choosing more storage than you normally would. That’s because Android already eats up 60GB of that storage right out of the gate.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S23 lineup in February and the handsets have plenty for buyers to look forward to. But it appears that those picking up the lower capacity models might have an issue when it comes to filling them with fun stuff like apps and games.


Android Authority highlights that the Galaxy S23 phones come with 60GB of their storage already taken up by the Android operating system and all of the cruft that comes with it. Much of that bloatware is Samsung’s fault, of course, with the company often installing third-party apps just in case you ever want to use them.

And the chances are pretty good that you won’t.

The storage situation isn’t helped by the fact that Samsung’s own first-party apps often duplicate the functionality that Google’s apps already offer. Samsung has to install those apps, but it really wants you to use its own for obvious reasons. Things are made worse when you can’t uninstall some of the apps that you don’t need or want to use, too.

The upshot of all this? You’re probably going to want to think long and hard about which storage capacity you choose when speccing out your Samsung Galaxy S23 series phone. We’re not suggesting that everyone needs that 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra of course – but maybe think twice before opting for the 128GB Galaxy S23.

One thing to consider is that 200-megapixel camera, of course. If you plan on taking plenty of high-resolution photos and videos you could find that your storage disappears more quickly than you’d like so keep that in mind as well.

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