ZTE will announce the nubia Z50 lineup on 15 December

(Pocket-lint) – Phone maker ZTE has confirmed that it will announce the nubia Z50 lineup on 15 December and one device will have a rather interesting camera.

ZTE confirmed the new upcoming lineup via a Weibo post that also noted that at least one phone will have a new custom camera with a 35mm equivalent focal length. However, while ZTE did make mention of a 1-inch sensor, it sounds like there might have been a little wordplay going on here.

Instead of actually possessing a 1-inch sensor it sounds like the device will have something capable of capturing just as much light as one while also being capable of taking a super-fast shot as well. That’s the theory that GSM Arena is putting forward right now and we’re inclined to agree.


That’s as much as ZTE is saying right now, but there is a hope that the company will tease more information between now and that 15 December unveiling. That means that we might hear something within the next day or so, so fingers crossed.

The ZTE brand has been a bit quiet over the last few years, thanks in part to a whole new management team being put in place following a 2018 billion-dollar-fine over broken trade embargoes.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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