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100% free internet… who are they kidding?

If you are constantly looking for free Wi-Fi then FreedomPop has the answer. Forget about trekking it to Starbucks or frantically searching for your neighbor’s unsecured, open Wi-Fi network. FreedomPop will hook you up with 100% free high speed wireless internet whenever you need it hassle free in the US.

All you need to do is grab one of the company’s super affordable nationwide hotspots that comes with no contracts and no commitments.

Let’s face it, being connected is crucial in today’s world, and you shouldn’t have to sign a contract or pay outrageous prices. Your friends, your family, and even your work depend on the internet for communication, and FreedomPop in the US can help you with that.

Get 100% free high speed wireless internet on any device, anywhere with FreedomPop, the US’s first wireless internet provider committed to delivering 100% free high speed internet to all Americans.

For a limited time only, FreedomPop is offering its MiFi 4082, a Nationwide 4G/3G hotspot, for only $49.99 with a free month trial of 2GB 4G/3G data.

The MiFi 4082 connects all your devices including your iPad, iPod, Macbook, PC anywhere and share photos, stream video, surf the web and check Facebook instantly with FreedomPop’s ultra fast 4G network.

FreedomPop is offering Pocket-lint reader’s a great low cost deal: over 65% off the Nationwide MiFi 4082 Hotspot ($99.99 MSRP) + 2GB 4G/3G Data ($19.99 in value) + free shipping, meaning you pay just $49.99.

There are no contracts and no cancellation fees. Nationwide hotspot is FreedomPop certified pre-owned with money-back guarantee and a 90 day warranty against defects.

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Product Features

– First month FREE of Premium 2GB 4G/3G data ($19.99 in value)
– 100% Free 500MB of 4G data each and every month
– Upgrade to nationwide 3G coverage for a slight cost
– Connect up to 5 devices via Wi-fi including smartphones, laptops, tablets
– Uses Sprint’s 4G WiMax and 3G networks, so you can stay online anywhere.
– Go unplugged with a battery life of 6+ hours
– Compact device that fits in your pocket for on-the-go internet anywhere, anytime
– Compatible with any WiFi enabled device
– Stay safe and secure with your own private WiFi
– Earn Unlimited Free Data – Get unlimited additional 100% FREE data by completing offers and adding friends

FreedomPop Certified Pre-owned

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
– 90 Day Warranty
– Extensive Physical Damage Check
– Comprehensive functionality check
– Thorough data wipe and factory reset
– Advanced Radio Frequency Tests


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