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AGA iTotal Control with Orange SIM lets you cook while you are out

Everything Everywhere and AGA Rangemaster have partnered to introduce the AGA iTotal Control oven that can be turned on remotely from your phone.

Utilizing an Orange SIM card, users can decide in advance when they want to start cooking, even if they’re not at home, via text message. For example, send the message, “baking oven on” and you’ve got yourself a preheating oven. Send “all ovens off”…. well you get the idea.

However, that’s just the start. Applications can be downloaded to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets which visualize the AGA iTotal Control oven that can in turn be controlled via touchscreen. The ovens can also be controlled via a PC or laptop through a designated web portal.

Though Everything Everywhere, the umbrella company of both T-Mobile and Orange, announced the scheme the SIM used to control the AGA iTotal Control oven remotely with be of the fruity flavour. However, anybody can text the oven from their own phones, regardless of network, of course.

250 Orange SIM cards compatible with iTotal Control AGA ovens will initially be made available from 1 June with more to follow.

While Pocket-lint applauds advancements in technology such as this we do wonder what AGA’s founder Gustaf Dalen would have made of an oven that can be controlled remotely. You see the AGA was created to be always on so he didn’t have to worry about whether or not he had tuned it off.

The iTotal Control AGA will be available from 1 June 2012, and will cost £10,090.

What do you think of the AGA iTotal Control Oven? Let us know your thoughts.

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