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Amazon Echo Show 15 gets a big discount for Prime Early Access

(Pocket-lint) – Amazon is ramping up the deals as we head towards the Prime Early Access Sale, with more discounts across many of Amazon’s own devices – including the Echo Show 15.

The Echo Show 15 is the most recent – and largest – of the Echo Show devices, so many will have been waiting for this discount to return. There’s a 17% discount in the UK: this isn’t quite as low as it was on Prime Day, but it’s still the cheapest it has been for some time.


The Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch display so it’s by far the largest of the Echo Show devices. It offers a little more versatility across that display, allowing you to pin various bits of information, including using stickies to leave yourself or others a reminder.

With a camera mounted in the bezel, you can also teach it to recognize your face, so it will log you in and automatically customize the content to you personally.

Of course there’s full support for Alexa and all the functions it offers, with speakers so this can be a flat music device – although it doesn’t sound as robust as the other Echo Show models.

The best thing is that you get the wall-mounting kit in the box, so you can get this Alexa device off the worktop and free up some space, keeping it clear of your messy cooking. It’s also large enough to make watching TV content through the likes of Prime Video pretty good.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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