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Eve Motion is its first sensor to work with Thread

(Pocket-lint) – Eve has released the second generation of its motion sensor, and it’s the first standalone motion sensor to use the Thread protocol, this means it complies with the new Matter smart home standard.

If you’re unfamiliar, Matter aims to ensure interoperability between smart home brands, allowing your devices to work across Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings.

Matter hasn’t fully launched yet, it’ll be coming later this year, but if you want a full rundown on how it works, you should check out our in-depth feature.

As of right now, the Eve Motion will work with Apple Homekit and can be used to trigger all manner of automation, such as activating lights when someone enters a room or notifying you of a potential intruder.

It works both indoors and out, thanks to IPX3 water resistance, and is powered by two AAA batteries for convenience.


When Matter finally arrives, Eve’s Thread-based products will receive updates to be compatible with Matter, allowing them to interact with all the major smart home ecosystems.

This isn’t the only benefit of the Thread protocol, though, it should also mean that the new Eve Motion is much speedier than its predecessor, which relied on Bluetooth alone.

Thread products communicate over a mesh network, and don’t rely on a hub, so you should see lower latency and faster response times when switching to a thread-based sensor.

Eve has fully embraced Thread and this marks its 14th product to use the protocol, and we’re expecting that more will be on the way.

There’s more good news, too, the new Eve Motion is cheaper than the older model, retailing for $39.99 – a $10 price drop.

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It’s available today from Eve’s website and will be landing on Amazon and the Apple store later this year.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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