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Globalgig adds Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark and Sweden to all-in-one reach, now just £10 per 1GB

Globalgig, the mobile data hotspot service that provides internet connections around the world for a single monthly fee, will be adding several new countries to those that support its 3G coverage. From 13 March, it will work in the Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark and Sweden, as well as the existing line-up of launch countries, the UK, US and Australia.

In addition, Globalgig will be lowering its prices from that date. Up to now, the service has cost £15 a month for 1GB of data use, no matter in which of the supporting countries you use it. The company has lowered that to £10, which represents a massive saving, especially if you compare the cost with data roaming costs from other networks.


Pocket-lint used a Globalgig mobile data hotspot when we visited Las Vegas for CES earlier in the year, during which time it would have cost us £6 per 1MB of data used on our own mobile tariff. The Globalgig costs during the period were far lower than that, and will now cost even less – £5,990 less for 1GB of data, in fact.

Other subscription prices have also been lowered, with the hotpot device – made by ZTE – costing just £50 without a contract now, free on an 18-month deal. Monthly prices are more reasonable, with 2GB of data a month available for the original £15 subscription fee, 5GB a month at £23 (a £12 a month saving), with a new maximum of 10GB a month now available for a monthly cost of £29.

The hotspot Mi-Fi device itself can connect up to five devices at once, has a range of up to 130ft, and offers speeds up to 7.2Mbps.

Visit the Globalgig website at for more details on how to sign up.

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