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Mystery Google Nest device appears on FCC

(Pocket-lint) – A mystery Google “Wireless Device” has appeared on the Federal Communications website, and speculation suggests it could be a new Nest device.

The listing was spotted by 9to5Google and it refers to a device simply called ‘G28DR’ and described as a Wireless Device that has been certified for use with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, although there is no mention of other connectivity options like NFC or UWB.

The listing also says the mystery device will have a 3.65v battery and it looks like it will be charged via USB and the label will appear on the “back” of the device. Based on the clues, it seems the most likely is a new Nest device, though it’s not currently clear what this could be.

While a new model of the Nest Hello wired doorbell is expected at some point, this isn’t expected to have a battery – unless it has a backup option in case of a power cut. It’s also possible the device could be another addition to the Nest Cam portfolio, as some of the current options use a 3.65v battery as a back up, and it’s also possible we could be looking at a new Nest Thermostat which is well overdue an update , or possibly a Nest speaker.

For now, nothing is confirmed and we don’t expect it to be for a while, but it will certainly be interesting to see what appears. The FCC listing for the mystery “Wireless Device” says photos and the manual won’t be available until January so it looks like we might be waiting a little longer for confirmation of what it is.

Google is expected to announce the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in October – a date is yet to be confirmed – but it’s not yet known if new Nest devices could also appear at the event.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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