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Philips Hue smart lighting prices set to rise next month

Philips Hue owner Signify will reportedly raise the prices of many of its products in Europe, by as much as 17 per cent.

Philips Hue / Signify

Signify will be raising the prices of many of its Philips Hue smart lighting products from February. The price rises are expected to go as high as 17 per cent on certain products and will affect consumers in Europe.

From the beginning of next month, Philips Hue ceiling lights, pendant lights, and outdoor lighting will face price increases.


A Signify spokesperson confirmed to Pocket-lint that the UK will be affected as well as European nations and that the average price increase will be 10 per cent. They also told us that the soaring cost is due to fluctuations in different currencies, not least the Euro:: “It is a result of the depreciation of the Euro versus the Chinese Yuan and US Dollar, in which most costs for Philips Hue products are Paid, and fueled by the current global challenges facing the industry.

“Particularly the significant cost increase of raw materials and increased energy costs for both the production and transportation. To avoid a general price increase across all product categories, a selection of products which suffered most from the increased costs, has been identified.”

It has also been confirmed that there are no current plans for price rises in the United States.

Hueblog has listed some of the products that will become more expensive in Europe from 1 February 2023. It claims the Enrave large ceiling lamp will go from €259.99 to €299.99, suffering a €40 increase. While the Ensis pendant light will have a similar bump up, to €439.99.

If you’re looking to brighten up your garden, you can also expect to cough up more. The 5-metre Outdoor Lightstrip will reportedly raise to €239.99 – representing a 50 per cent hike over its launch price in 2018.

It’s not just lighting that will be affected neither, the Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor will be 17 per cent more expensive from February, it is claimed. The Outdoor Power Supply will raise by 11 percent.

Basically, if you live in the UK or Europe and are looking to get one of the affected products, we advise you to order it now – it could save you a bundle.


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