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Samsung SmartThings Station is a Matter smart home hub for all

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung has announced a Matter-certified smart home hub that can be used to connect and setup multiple devices from different brands.

The Samsung SmartThings Station is a small box that is compatible with a range of different smart home products, including those that support Matter. It can automate devices and be used to set routines without the need for multiple, dedicated hubs.

It can be used to connect thermostats, lighting and power outlets, for example, all through a mobile app. Plus, the station comes with its own button that, through different taps, can be used to trigger specific, customized routines.

Up to three different routines can be set through the button, so you can even use it to turn everything off when you leave the house.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you can also use the station to keep track of registered products, such as your phone or a Galaxy SmartTag. It will routinely scan the home for their location to help you find them easily.

In addition, the top of the box is also a wireless fast charging pad, with 15W charging available. That way, you can set your phone on top of it to keep it topped up.

The Samsung SmartThings Station will be available in the US and Korea initially, with an early February release date. It’ll be available in black and white colours.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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