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Samsung’s Wi-Fi is going to be five times faster, meaning a movie download per second

Samsung is working on the next generation of Wi-Fi that will increase download speeds by five times. This new 60GHz Wi-Fi will mean downloads of up to 575MB per second. Presuming your broadband supports that speed when it arrives, of course.

Time to get a little nerdy with numbers so bare with us. Current Wi-Fi works at 5GHz on dual-band allowing 866Mbps which equates to around 108MB per second, which in reality is rarely achieved. The new 60GHz Wi-Fi will have a 4.6Gbps download rate for that 575MB per second speed which is actually reached.


The Samsung 802.11ad standard, as it will be called, eliminates co-channel interference according to Samsung. This should mean theoretical speeds are the same as real-world speeds regardless of how many other devices are using the Wi-Fi.

Until now this millimeter wave technology has been challenging to make work as it has a short range with traveling through walls near impossible. Samsung overcame this by, it says: “leveraging millimeter-wave circuit design and high performance modem technologies and by developing wide-coverage beam-forming antenna”.

Samsung says commercialization should begin early in 2015 meaning we can expect new routers and gadgets that work with them to start arriving later that year. The Samsung Galaxy S6, for example, will hopefully feature this new Wi-Fi connectivity as it’s big draw. Samsung says it will also be integral in its Samsung Smart Home to ensure high speed connectivity of everything in the home.

Now we just have to hope broadband will speed up fast enough to support these connections.

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