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There’s now a door key with integrated Apple Find My

(Pocket-lint) – If you’re prone to losing things, then the Ultion KeyTag might be of interest to you, because it integrates Apple’s Find My tech.

That means you’ll be able to find that lost key using the Find My network which is part of your iPhone’s offering.

That’ll save you hunting around for your key when you’ve misplaced it, as well as making it possible to find when you’re properly lost it outside.

Currently the KeyTag is going to be offering the Bluetooth side of things rather than UWB, but you’ll be able to open up Find My and see where your devices are. That will mean you can then walk back to your lost key, using an alarm to locate it more precisely.

The tech itself is built into the keyfob, so it can be fitted to any Ultion key to work with any Ultion lock – and it will cost £39 (that includes the new key).

There will be a choice of five different colors – and two of them even glow in the dark to make them easier to spot.

Apple’s Find My skills work with a range of Apple and third-party devices. The most commonly known will be things like Apple AirPods, as well as the Apple AirTag, which is Apple’s dedicated tracking tag.

Of course you’ll need an Ultion lock from Brisane-Secure, such as the Ultion Nuki smart lock which will work with all your smart home devices, meaning you can use your voice to lock the door – or check the door is locked via your phone. Don’t worry, you need a PIN to unlock it via voice.

The great thing about the Ultion Nuki is you can still have a key on the exterior, so it looks and behaves like a regular door lock from the outside, but with additional skills from the inside.

The Ultion KeyTag is available to order now through the Ultion website (using your secure code) or through licensed Ultion Key Centers and might mean you never lose your keys again!

Writing by Chris Hall.

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