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There’s still an Echo Show 15 discount available

(Pocket-lint) – The Black Friday sales have been and gone so you’ve missed many of the discounts – but there are some deals still available – including the largest of the Echo Show models.

The Echo Show 15 gives you all the connected functions of other Alexa devices, but with a 15-inch display, perfect for wall-mounting. There’s a saving of $65 in the US that you can still get.


The Echo Show 15 can either be mounted on a stand or on the wall, meaning it’s great for the kitchen as you can get it off surfaces. The large display means it’s better than other Echo Show devices for watching TV too, as you can see it from across the room.

It offers all the functions you’d expect from an Alexa device, able to control your smart home device and provide all sorts of information – not to mention setting timers and alarms.

It also offers the ability to place sticky notes for family reminders, while the front-facing camera can also recognize who is looking at it to tailor the content. It’s great for Alexa Calling too.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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