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Three Web Cube offers broadband in a box

Three takes mobile broadband pretty seriously. It recently announced its Three MiFi with added HSPA+, as well as the ZTE MF10 Dongle Adapter – a device which takes a regular USB Wi-Fi dongle and turns it into a mobile hotspot.

But it’s your home broadband that the mobile network now has its eyes on. Nope, it’s not about to enter the ISP game but is instead beginning a trial in three cities for its Web Cube device.

Like a Mi-Fi device, the Web Cube comes with a 3G SIM already installed but is designed to be stationary in the home rather than lugged about. It plugs into the mains and offers up to HSPA+ 21.1Mbps speeds for up to five devices.

Realistically with 3G though, you’re only likely to get around 2-5Mbps, up to a maximum of 10Mbps. It has a range of 30 metres.

You don’t need to stay in the same house to use the Web Cube so it’s suited to students or people with multiple addresses. And, of course, you don’t need a fixed BT landline to use it.

The trial is taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds and Three is offering two tariffs for the scheme: A one-month rolling contract with 10GB of data costing £15 a month plus £59.99 for the Web Cube device, or a 24-month contract with 15GB of data costing £15.99 a month.

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