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Vodafone TV and broadband services to be launched in spring 2015

Vodafone has announced that it will be entering the TV and broadband service provider market from next spring 2015.

Vodafone plans to use the infrastructure of BT and its own business fiber network to offer the service. Exactly what the TV content will be or how that will be delivered isn’t clear.

EE TV was recently announced which the network wants to use as a way to get its broadband services into homes as well as making its mobile offerings more attractive. Whether or not Vodafone also plans to build its own TV hardware isn’t clear.


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Other competition on the home broadband and TV front comes from BT, Sky and Virgin who all offer similar services. But if Vodafone can offer either a better quality service or a far cheaper one it may stand a chance at competing.

Of course when it comes to TV services there is even more competition when you take into account the online offerings. With Netflix, Lovefilm, Amazon Prime Instant Video and more Vodafone has its work cut out for it. Of course if its TV service proves to be a platform that gives access to all these services that will work in its favour. Although YouView and others already do this so even here the market is filled with competition.

Vodafone is currently pumping money into new areas as part of its Project Spring network update. These include fixed-line telephone offerings, TV and faster 4G mobile connectivity.

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