Top Alternatives to QuickBooks Accounting Software for 2023

Finding the best alternatives to QuickBooks can simplify the process of selecting accounting software that meets your specific requirements.

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QuickBooks is widely known due to extensive advertising, but there are other accounting software options that offer compelling features.

If you’re in search of quality cloud-based accounting software, QuickBooks seems to be a suitable choice. Nevertheless, there are other alternatives available, some with excellent features despite having less prominent advertising.

When it comes to cloud-based accounting software and tax filing packages, various options are available. We have compared these options based on interface, features, setup ease, learning curve, pricing plans, business suitability, documentation, tutorials, performance, and tools.

Here are the best alternatives to QuickBooks that we have found.

We’ve compiled a list of the best accounting software for small businesses.

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The best alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software in 2023 in full:

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Best overall

Website screenshot for Xero

(Image credit: Xero)

Excellent alternative to QuickBooks accounting software for small businesses

Reasons to buy


Slick interface


Very scalable


Robust apps

Reasons to avoid

Takes a while to master

Additional cost for extras

Considering alternatives to QuickBooks? Xero is a great option with similar features and functionality but at a more affordable price. It does not charge based on the number of users.

Xero is suitable for small businesses and very small businesses with its Early package. It is a scalable option that runs smoothly on the web and mobile devices, providing a great user experience on smartphones and tablets.

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Best free

Website screenshot for Wave

(Image credit: Wave)

Great free alternative to QuickBooks accounting software

Reasons to buy


Free to use


Easy to master


Super apps

Reasons to avoid

No time-tracking

Lack of inventory tracking

Wave is an ideal option for those seeking affordable accounting software with features comparable to premium-level QuickBooks. It is designed for freelancers, sole traders, small businesses, and scaling businesses.

Wave is not only free but also allows multiple users, making it an impressive solution for managing everyday accounts with a limited budget.

Wave’s interface for the web and mobile apps is sleek and efficient, with a solid payroll feature available for US and Canadian users.

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Best for freelancers

Website screenshot for FreshBooks

(Image credit: FreshBooks)

Super alternative to QuickBooks accounting software for freelancers

Reasons to buy


Extensive features


Impressive support


Quality iOS and Android app

Reasons to avoid

Issues with integrating with other software

Limited customization options

If you’re a freelancer, FreshBooks provides an excellent alternative to QuickBooks. It offers extensive features, impressive support, and quality iOS and Android apps.

Best scalable

Website screenshot for Zoho Books

(Image credit: Zoho Books)

Zoho Books offers a scalable alternative to QuickBooks accounting software. It is part of a portfolio of software tools from the publisher, allowing it to work seamlessly with other software in the range, making it easy to integrate expense accounting, billing, and invoicing into standard accountancy tasks. The software is particularly suitable for businesses with complex operations, offering scalable options for larger business concerns and affordable pricing.

Best for small business

Website screenshot for ZipBooks

(Image credit: ZipBooks)

ZipBooks is a good alternative to QuickBooks accounting software for small and mid-sized companies. It comes with a range of features and functions, including accounting, billing, expenses, and intelligence with powerful reporting tools. The software’s basic plan is free, allowing users to send unlimited invoices, manage unlimited vendors and customers, and access basic reports and connections to one bank.

Best for ecommerce

Website screenshot for Spendwise

(Image credit: Spendwise)

Spendwise is the best alternative to QuickBooks accounting software for product-focused businesses. With tools for managing inventory and tracking product ranges, it is ideal for businesses of any size. The software offers features such as creating multiple purchase orders, managing budgets, and tracking bills and expenses, making it an attractive option for smaller ventures and businesses looking to scale up.

Best affordable

Website screenshot for Freeagent

(Image credit: Bookly)

Bookly is recognized as the best affordable alternative to QuickBooks accounting software. It’s designed with small businesses in mind, offering a user-friendly platform with features such as automatic expense categorization, smart invoice creation, time tracking, and insightful reporting. Bookly is a cost-effective solution that provides essential accounting tools for small businesses to thrive.

Website screenshot for Freeagent

(Image credit: Freeagent)

Affordable alternative to QuickBooks accounting software

Reasons to buy


Free trial


Unlimited number of clients


Simple account setup


Comprehensive invoicing tools

Reasons to avoid

Single tier in the US only

Expensive for sole proprietors

FreeAgent is an appealing and affordable accounting software, offering a range of tools for just a few dollars a month. It provides cloud-based software essentials including project management, invoicing, time tracking, and accounting tasks management. If you have standard requirements and need a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution, FreeAgent is worth considering.

FreeAgent offers a single tier, starting with a free 30-day trial. New users receive a generous 50% discount for the first 6 months before the full price applies.

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Best with CRM

Website screenshot for OneUp

(Image credit: OneUp)

Great alternative to QuickBooks accounting software with CRM and invoicing features

Reasons to buy


Good user experience


Modular apps handy

Reasons to avoid

Some weaknesses in the feature set

OneUp is a straightforward accounting package with added CRM and invoicing features. It offers a power-packed feature set, but can be complicated to use. The pricing is tier-based with a 30-day free trial available for testing.

OneUp’s tools are easy to configure, and it runs smoothly, but its limited third-party integration is a weakness.

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Best for bookkeeping

Website screenshot for Sunrise

(Image credit: Sunrise)

Powerful alternative to QuickBooks accounting software for busy small businesses

Reasons to buy


Full suite of business tools


Connects to your bank


Pro bookkeeper backup

Reasons to avoid

US and Canada only

Pricing despite free edition

Sunrise, previously known as Billy, is an accounting package designed for small businesses needing professional bookkeeping. Despite the added benefit, its pricing is appealing, with a starting package at $99 and a free self-service edition.

Sunrise covers various business needs, such as customized invoices, financial reports, expense tracking, and payment processing, with different plans available.

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Summing up

There are several alternatives to QuickBooks for those with specific accounting needs. Many accounting packages offer free trials, allowing users to explore the best option for their business.

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Alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software FAQs

How to choose the best alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software for you?

When selecting the best alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software for you, start with considering your budget, the size and nature of your business, and the essential features you need on your accounting software. 

If you’re on a tight budget and need only basic accounting features, then free tools will suit you. But if you can invest in accounting software and have more complex requirements, then paid software services are a more efficient option. 

Keep in mind that some accounting software are better for product-focused businesses and they’ll have tools that’ll help these businesses with managing inventory and tracking products. 

Also, look out for the ease of setup, the learning curve, user interface, third-party integration, and quality of customer support.

The best alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software: How we test

We tested the best alternatives to QuickBooks accounting software across numerous points, like their interface, learning curve, features, and pricing plans. 

We checked how easy it was to set up the different software and how simple the interface was to get started with. We looked at the documentation available and whether the software had a comprehensive knowledge base/FAQ section. 

We evaluated what software were suited for the different business sizes and types. We assessed whether they had extra features like inventory management, product tracking, payroll, invoicing, etc.  

We also looked at their pricing plans, third-party integrations, and the quality of their customer support, among other aspects.

Read more on how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

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