Turtle Beach Unveils New $200 Controller for Xbox and PC

Turtle Beach is entering the premium controller market with its latest $200 gamepad for Xbox and PC, known as the Stealth Ultra Wireless Controller, set to launch on December 15th. This controller stands out by featuring drift-proof Hall effect sticks and a 1.5-inch screen that can be used for fine-tuning settings and receiving notifications from your phone.

In addition to being Turtle Beach’s first venture into the ultra-pricey gamepad territory, competing with the likes of the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Scuf controllers, it’s also the company’s inaugural fully wireless Xbox Series X / S controller. It uses a simple USB-A dongle for connectivity and recharging, tying up only one USB port on your Xbox console or PC.

You know what really screams “stealth?” A pair of totally unnecessary “Antidrift” labels.
Image: Turtle Beach

The Stealth Ultra also includes premium features such as four programmable rear buttons, hair-trigger lockouts, tactile microswitches for its face buttons and bumpers, swappable thumbsticks, Bluetooth compatibility, customizable RGB lighting, and a zip-up hardshell case with passthrough USB-C charging. It lacks interchangeable D-pads and offers a battery life of up to 30 hours.

The controller retains Turtle Beach’s software features found in its lower-cost Recon and React-R controllers, including various EQ presets, Superhuman Hearing, and Pro-Aim.

The USB-A dongle has to tie up a port on your console or PC, but at least it can daisy-chain with the charging dock.
Image: Turtle Beach

The standout features of the Stealth Ultra are its Hall effect sticks and a 1.5-inch screen, allowing users to customize audio, lighting effects, and controller profiles. It also mirrors phone notifications directly from iOS or Android via Turtle Beach’s Control Center 2 app.

The addition of a screen for connectivity and settings, alongside the unique Hall effect sticks, sets the Stealth Ultra apart from other premium offerings for Xbox and PC.

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