A mysterious Google Chromecast ‘YTC’ device is coming, but what is it?

An unannounced device running Google TV has been found in the code for a Google app and it appears to be a Chromecast.


There might be a new Google Chromecast on the way with an unannounced product making an appearance in the code of one of Google’s Android apps.

The Chromecast with Google TV is due a refresh and is starting to show its age due to the lack of storage and somewhat lackluster performance. But code discovered in the Google Home app strongly suggests that something is in the works. But whether that’s an updated Chromecast or an entirely new Google product remains to be seen.


9to5Google reports that the latest preview update to the Google Home app includes references to a product known as “YTC.” Elsewhere, the same app also reportedly confirmed that this mystery device is some sort of Chromecast with Google TV, with other references to “YTV” (Chromecast with Google TV) and “YTB” (Chromecast HD).

It’s being suggested that this product could be a new high-end Chromecast product that will, hopefully, include an upgraded processor to help deal with that laggy performance we mentioned earlier. But beyond that it’s difficult to pin down exactly what Google is up to with this thing.

The addition of more storage would undoubtedly be well received too. Storing all of your apps on the current Chromecast with Google TV can be problematic if you’re someone who uses a lot of them, although we’re not sure that Google needs to go quite as far as Apple. The latest Apple TV 4K comes with up to 128GB of storage which, frankly, we’re not sure what anyone is going to do with. you can get a lot of games on that thing if you need to but maybe Apple’s gorgeous Apple TV wallpapers are going to take up even more space than they already do.

Back in the world of Google, we can likely expect to learn more about whatever the company is working on in the coming weeks and months. But rest assured that be keeping our eyes peeled just as much as you will.

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