Disney hints at Hulu merger with Disney+ in US

(Pocket-lint) – Disney boss Bob Chapek has suggested that Hulu and Disney+ could merge in the near future.

The company is reportedly in negotiations to buyout Comcast and take sole ownership of Hulu, which could then spark a string of events leading to a combined app in the US.

It would then match the Disney+ app in the UK and Europe, which incorporates much of the Disney-owned mature content currently available exclusively on Hulu in the States.

Pam & Tommy, for example, is on Hulu in the US, Disney+ in the UK (as part of the app’s Star section).

Of course, Disney might decide to retire Disney+ in the States instead, or go for something completely new: “The consumer essentially dictates everything,” Chapek said to the LA Times during Disney’s D23 event.


“Once we [buy out Comcast’s stake]we will be able to entertain questions like that as to whether we manage it more like we have in Europe, where there’s a six-brand tile on Disney+.

“Or we manage it as a ‘soft bundle’, which is what we have now; or move to more of a ‘hard bundle’ in the future.”

Certainly, change is coming for existing Hulu subscribers regardless, as Comcast content will undoubtedly move if a Disney buyout is finalized – most likely to its own app endeavors, such as Peacock and SkyShowtime. It looks like you’ll have until 2024 before that happens, however.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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