How to watch The Princess: HBO’s Princess Diana documentary

(Pocket-lint) – There have been multiple documentaries about Princess Diana over the years. She was adored by the British public – though very sadly, heavily scrutinized too.

With the 25th anniversary of her tragic death coming up on August 31, HBO’s The Princess is the latest documentary about the life of Diana and there has been plenty of hype about it. This is everything you need to know about The Princess, including how to watch it and when it was released.

The Princess documentary release date

HBO’s ‘The Princess’ documentary was released at 8PM Eastern Time on 13 August 2022. It aired at the same time in the UK – which was 02:00am BST on 14 August – so it is available to watch now.

The Princess documentary is 2 hours 4 minutes long.

How to watch The Princess documentary

‘The Princess’ is a HBO release so for those in the US, you’ll need a HBO Max subscription to watch the documentary.

For those in the UK, HBO original releases typically go to Sky thanks to a programming deal and ‘The Princess’ is no different. The deal sees ‘The Princess’ air on Sky Documentaries so you’ll need a Sky subscription to watch it or a Now Entertainment subscription.

As we mentioned, ‘The Princess’ first aired at 2am on 14 August 2022 in the UK. It is now available On Demand for Sky customers and it will be available on Sky until 13 September.

What is HBO’s The Princess about?

HBO’s The Princess documentary is about Princess Diana of Wales and it relies only on archival footage to give a new perspective on Diana’s life, work and devastating death.

The documentary won’t reveal any secrets or anything those who have followed Diana’s life won’t know, but The Princess filmmaker Ed Perkins said: “I’m very aware that it’s been told many, many times before, but I hope that with our approach, we can not only…tell the story of Diana, but hopefully point the camera back at all of us to ask some bigger questions about ourselves, about our relationship to monarchy and our relationship to celebrities.”

He also said: “We really tried with this story to not include the moments that everyone has already seen many, many times over the years.”

HBO describes the documentary as telling the story of “the overwhelming adoration [and] intense scrutiny of Diana’s every move and the constant judgment of her character.”

Is there a trailer for The Princess?

There is a trailer for The Princess documentary, yes. You can watch it below, as well as at the top of this page, to give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from the film.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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