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(Pocket-lint) – A TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s excellent Vertigo (DC) comic book series, The Sandman, will arrive on Netflix very soon.

It tells the tale of Dream (the eponymous Sandman), who is released after being held captive for 100 years and sets out to restore order to the Dreaming – the place we go to when we sleep.

If it’s anythiing like the books, expect plenty of magical moments and horrors along the way.

Here’s everything we know about The Sandman on Netflix so far.

The Sandman TV series release date

The Sandman will premiere on August 5, 2022.

How to watch The Sandman

As a Netflix original, it will be exclusive to the platform. You will need to have a Netflix account, therefore.

How many episodes will The Sandman have?

There are 10 episodes of The Sandman season 1. All episodes will be available from day one.

The Sandman TV series plot and rumours

The series wil start in roughly the same place as the comic books (as in the collected edition, Preludes and Nocturnes). Dream is captured by a cult and, more than 100 years later, is freed to find the Dreaming in disarray.

As one of the Endless, a group of siblings that also includes Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, his task is to maintain order over the realm where all lifeforms visit in their sleep. However, his captivity has caused unrest and it is spilling into the waking world.

He must therefore set out to correct the wrongs that have occurred in the last century, including recapture some horrors that have crossed the boundaries.

The comic books feature other DC and Vertigo characters, such as John Constantine and Lucifer, that have also had their own TV series but, while Lucifer will appear in Netflix’s The Sandman, it was decided not to feature Tom Ellis (who plays him in the eopnymous TV show) in the same role. It doesn’t crossover, therefore.

The Sandman cast and crew

Dream is played by Tom Sturridge (The Hollow Crown), while Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman plays Johanna Constantine, a relative of the modern day sorcerer, John.

Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones fame is this series’ version of Lucifer, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Killing Eve) is Dream’s sister, Death.

British comedy actors Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudhry play Cain and Abel respectively (our favorite characters from the Gaiman original).

Other stars to appear in the show include Stephen Fry, Mark Hamill (as the voice of Mervyn Pumpkinhead), and Charles Dance.

Is there a trailer for The Sandman?

A trailer for The Sandman, which revealed its launch date, was released in June as part of the Netflix Geeked celebrations. It seems to draw inspiration from the first collection of Gaiman’s comic book stories.

A second trailer was then released during Comic-Con 2022 in July. You can watch it below.

Will The Sandman be renewed for a second season?

Netflix is ​​yet to confirm a The Sandman season 2. Should it prove successful though, we’re pretty sure it will continue as there are 75 editions of the main comic book from its original run, plus specials and books based on the other members of the Endless – most notably, Death.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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