The tvOS 16.3.3 update may fix your Siri Remote connectivity issues

Apple TV owners who suffer from Siri Remote connectivity problems should download this software update. And cross their fingers.

If you’ve been suffering from strange Apple TV Siri Remote connectivity issues, today might be your lucky day. Apple has released a software update that claims to fix all of your troubles. Or at least, the ones related to your Apple TV.

For some time now Apple TV 4K (3rd gen) owners have complained that their Siri Remote doesn’t always work. Some said that the remote would sometimes connect to the Apple TV for a few seconds and then disconnect, only to begin the whole dance once again. People found a workaround by using their iPhone as a remote instead of the one that came in the Apple TV’s box, but it wasn’t ideal. Now, Apple thinks it’s fixed the issue for good.


A new tvOS 16.3.3 update has been released to the public, reports 9to5Mac. The release notes include mention of a fix for that Siri Remote issue, although there is obviously no explanation as to what was going on. “This update fixes an issue where the Siri Remote can become unresponsive on Apple TV 4K (3rd generation),” the notes say.

It’s still a little too soon to tell whether this update has indeed fixed the problem for those who suffered with it, but we can all cross our fingers and hope for the best. The fact that Apple has released a software update specifically calling out the Siri Remote connectivity problem does bode well – the company must be fairly confident in its fix.

We do know that the connectivity problems were still in full force with the previous software releases, so you’ll need to make sure you’re running tvOS 16.3.3 or later to make sure you have whatever fix Apple came up with. If you do update and are still having problems we’d suggest making sure that the Siri Remote is fully charged and then reaching out to Apple for assistance.

Those who have automatic updates enabled might already be running the new software. Everyone else can force the download by heading into the Settings app on their Apple TV.

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