WarioWare: Move It! and the Accessibility Issue Plaguing Players

The WarioWare series by Nintendo is known for its quirky and unconventional party games. The games feature a range of bizarre and entertaining challenges, from poking a giant nose to hatching an egg as a chicken. While the latest installment, WarioWare: Move It!, remains true to this distinct vibe, it is unfortunately plagued by a significant issue that is impacting the gaming experience for many players.

WarioWare: Move It! heavily relies on motion controls, with players engaging in a series of rapid-fire ‘microgames’ that progressively increase in speed. Drawing inspiration from the 2006 WarioWare game, Smooth Moves, players are required to perform specific poses, known as Forms, with their controllers for each microgame. These actions include the Sky-Stretch Form, where players reach their arms above their head, and the Tug o’ War Form, where players hold their Joy-Con horizontally like a rope.

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