YouTube Premium Introduces New AI Features to Entice Subscribers

YouTube is offering its Premium subscribers the chance to test out a pair of innovative AI features on the mobile app.

The most notable of these features, in our opinion, is the conversational AI, which can answer questions about a video being watched and recommend other content. On “eligible videos,” users will notice an Ask button below the channel name, tapping it will open a chat interface allowing users to interact with the AI. They can ask questions related to the video or choose from preset prompts. The feature can summarize the clip or suggest other content.

YouTube's conversational AI

YouTube’s conversational AI
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Although the conversational AI is still in its experimental phase, it has shown the ability to accurately summarize videos and provide solid recommendations. Users can also provide feedback by tapping the thumbs up or thumbs down icon for the AI’s suggestions.

The conversational AI is currently only available on the YouTube app on Android for American users aged 18 years or older, and will be available until December 15.

The second AI feature is a comment summarizer that breaks down “large comment sections” on mobile into individual topics and will be restricted to English-language videos. Users can find this tool by heading to the comments of a video and locating the Topics tab with a star icon at the top.

Premium subscribers on Android and iOS have until December 5 to try out the comment summarizer before it’s removed.

YouTube's conversational AI recommendation

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Playable games

Another experimental feature is Playables, a collection of 30 games available on YouTube’s homepage that can be played without the need for download. While the collection mainly consists of puzzles and easy-to-pick-up games such as solitaire, a Wordle knockoff called Hurdle, and Angry Birds, it provides a fun way to pass the time.

YouTube's playables

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Aside from mobile, Playables are also available on desktop and will be accessible for a limited time until March 28, 2024.

While an official launch date for these features is yet to be announced, the AI tools and Playables offer a glimpse into YouTube’s innovative developments. For those interested in creating content, TechRadar’s list of the best YouTube cameras for 2023 might be helpful.

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