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Binance and CEO โ€˜CZโ€™ admit guilt to federal charges, agree to pay $4.3B in fines

Itโ€™s been an eventful week for crypto exchanges and the U.S. government. Changpeng Zhao, known ... Read more

Sam Altman’s Role in Worldcoin Project Remains Unchanged Amidst OpenAI Controversy

Despite his departure from OpenAI, Sam Altman’s involvement with the crypto project, Tools for Humanity, ... Read more

Chinese Tech Giants Enter the Web3 Space, But Growth Remains Limited

At the Staking Summit in Istanbul, attended by numerous individuals involved in the staking practice ... Read more

Worldcoin Token’s Value Plummets Nearly 10% After Sam Altman Removed as OpenAI CEO

Sam Altman, the now former CEO of OpenAI, has departed his role and is leaving ... Read more

Crypto Market Shows Signs of Recovery with Price and NFT Sales on the Rise

Welcome back to Chain Reaction. To receive a roundup of TechCrunchโ€™s major crypto stories delivered ... Read more

Expanding Bitcoin’s Potential: The ZetaChain Initiative Supported by Jane Street Capital

Despite dominating the crypto market, Bitcoin’s applications have been limited compared to other blockchains that ... Read more

Avara: The New Face of Aave Companies in the Web3 Space

Aave Companies, a prominent player in the web3-focused software technology realm, has undergone a significant ... Read more

Reddit meme-inspired Taproot Wizards raises $7.5M

Bitcoin, often referred to as the grandfather of crypto, is not always recognized for its ... Read more

Exploring the Latest Developments in the Crypto World

Welcome back to Chain Reaction. To receive a collection of TechCrunchโ€™s most significant crypto stories ... Read more

Crypto enforcement makes a firm stand in 2023, with no signs of softening in 2024

The past year has been quite eventful for the crypto industry. From funding shortages to ... Read more

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