Sam Altman Comes Back as OpenAI’s CEO

Sam Altman is set to return as CEO of OpenAI, following a recent boardroom turmoil. Former president Greg Brockman, who resigned in objection to Altman’s termination, will also be returning. OpenAI announced late Tuesday that there is an “agreement in principle” for Altman’s return, with a new board consisting of Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and … Read more

Is Allianz the Potential Buyer for Non-unicorn Insurtech Luko?

In a surprising turn of events, French insurtech Luko, previously on the verge of being acquired by British group Admiral, find themselves in a precarious position as their parent company, Demain ES, is put up for sale following Admiral’s withdrawal. The uncertainty has created a tumultuous period for Luko’s 120+ employees as they anxiously wait … Read more

Advertisers Withdraw, but Linda Yaccarino Stays Committed

Elon Musk recently appeared to show support for antisemitic conspiracy theories and white pride on X, his social platform (formerly Twitter), leading to a Media Matters article that revealed major companies’ advertisements appearing alongside pro-Nazi content. As a result, prominent advertisers ceased their ad spending on the platform. In response to the controversy, CEO Linda … Read more

FrontEdge secures $10M in funding from TLG and Flexport to support African exporters

Addressing the challenges faced by African international trade, FrontEdge, a Lagos-based fintech, recently raised $10 million in debt and equity to empower cross-border trade for SMEs. In Africa, only 30% of trade volumes receive financial support from banks, creating a significant financing gap for SMEs. With an annual international trade value of $1.2 trillion in … Read more

Sonos hints at an upcoming major product for next year

Sonos is facing challenges in its consumer hardware business, with declining demand and financial difficulties in recent quarters. The latest earnings report showed a 5.5 percent decrease in revenue compared to the previous year. CEO Patrick Spence acknowledged the challenging year but emphasized the strength of the Sonos brand and product portfolio in maintaining a … Read more

Crezco’s Mission to Simplify Bill Payments Integration

Many business-to-consumer platforms find themselves needing to integrate with a payment API in order to accept credit card payments. However, for platforms that deal with bills and invoices, existing payment APIs often lack the necessary features to accommodate their specific workflows. Ralph Rogge established Crezco to address this issue. “Having worked with thousands of small … Read more

Indy secures $44 million to streamline tax and paperwork processes for freelancers

French startup Indy recently concluded a new funding round, raising $44 million (€40 million) with BlackFin Capital Partners leading the round. Indy initially started as an automated accounting platform for freelancers and self-employed individuals. The company has since expanded its product offering to become an all-in-one platform for freelancers, encompassing accounting, company creation, tax preparation, … Read more

Disney Pinnacle set to breathe new life into NFTs featuring Star Wars and Pixar characters

NFTs aren’t gone yet — Disney is poised to introduce a new collectible experience, Disney Pinnacle, later this year. This initiative will transform characters from Pixar, Star Wars, and Disney’s classic animated films into tradeable digital pins. The Disney Pinnacle website has a waitlist for interested traders and collectors; however, it doesn’t clarify the nature … Read more

Popular Science Ends Its 151-Year Magazine Run

Popular Science will no longer be available as a magazine after 151 years. Cathy Hebert, the communications director for PopSci owner Recurrent Ventures, stated to The Verge that the outlet needs to “evolve” beyond its magazine product, which published its first all-digital issue in 2021. PopSci, which covers a wide range of stories related to … Read more