iOS 18: All the Latest Rumors and Our Wishlist

Early rumors about iOS 18 suggest we could be in for a major software update in 2024, featuring new features and designs with a focus on AI. Considering how highly we rated iOS 17, the potential for an even more substantial update in iOS 18 is certainly exciting.

One of the habits of Apple that many are not fond of is the company’s tendency to limit certain features, such as iMessage and SharePlay, to iOS users and locking out Android users. While this is somewhat understandable, it becomes less justifiable when it comes to safety features, like the Check In function.

The Check In feature, introduced in iOS 17, provides an automated way for users to inform their loved ones about their safe arrival or, conversely, to alert them if they might be in an unsafe situation by not checking in. However, the feature requires both the sender and recipient to have iOS 17, effectively preventing Android users from both utilizing the feature and receiving Check In notifications from iOS users.

With the upcoming iOS 18, it would be beneficial for Apple to consider opening up the Check In feature to Android users. This would allow Android users to receive automated messages and alerts from iOS users, even if they are unable to automate their own check-ins.

Another improvement to anticipate in iOS 18 is a significant AI upgrade for Siri. Rumors suggest that Apple is incorporating AI heavily into the new release, with Siri expected to be a primary beneficiary. These upgrades could potentially enable more natural and fluid conversations with Siri, as well as support for carrying out complex tasks beyond basic functions like web searches or controlling smart devices.

Additionally, it would be advantageous if iOS 18 incorporates a feature borrowed from Android, allowing users to simply tap in the center of a word to place the cursor there for easy correction of typos. This small but useful improvement could streamline text editing and enhance the overall user experience.

Furthermore, deep but thoughtful AI integration is encouraged beyond Siri, particularly in the realm of photography. Apple should consider incorporating a robust AI toolset for photo editing, similar to Google’s Magic Eraser and Magic Editor tools, to provide users with advanced photo editing capabilities. Moreover, making spatial photos and videos more accessible to a wider range of users, beyond just Apple Vision Pro owners, would further enrich the creative possibilities within the iOS ecosystem.

In conclusion, the upcoming iOS 18 release presents an opportunity for Apple to enhance its features and promote a more inclusive and advanced user experience, particularly by considering opening up certain functionalities to Android users and enriching the capabilities of existing features like Siri and photo editing tools. These improvements have the potential to elevate the iOS platform and meet the evolving needs of a diverse user base.

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