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WhatsApp Beta Introduces AI Assistant to Chats – Here’s How It Works

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Turn Your iPhone’s ‘Action Button’ into a ChatGPT Voice Assistant, Forget Siri

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Elon Musk Announces Grok, the xAI Chatbot, Will Launch for X Premium+ Subscribers Next Week

After screenshots surfaced of xAI’s chatbot Grok appearing on X’s web app, Elon Musk, the ... Read more

Tiny11: A Streamlined Version of Windows 11 23H2

A more compact version of Tiny11, the simplified iteration of Windows 11, has been released, ... Read more

Mastodon Introduces New Feature to Address the Issue of ‘Reply Guys’

Mastodon’s latest update aims to address a common problem experienced by Twitter users: dealing with ... Read more

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Judge to Consider Competition Harm versus Google’s Gains in Search Antitrust Trial

The U.S. Justice Department concluded the evidentiary phase of its antitrust trial against Google a ... Read more

Windows 10 Expected to Introduce Copilot Sooner than Anticipated

Microsoft’s Copilot AI, previously exclusive to Windows 11, is anticipated to be introduced to Windows ... Read more

Lapse, the photo app that required users to invite friends, is losing momentum

Lapse, a photo-sharing app that utilized growth hacking to skyrocket to the top of the ... Read more

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