Tiny11: A Streamlined Version of Windows 11 23H2

A more compact version of Tiny11, the simplified iteration of Windows 11, has been released, based on the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop OS. The new Tiny11 2311 is built on Windows 11 23H2, featuring significant improvements and is now 20% smaller than its predecessor, the Tiny11 23H2 installation.

The developer, NTDEV, has addressed previous issues with Tiny11 in the latest release, making it more functional than ever. One of the noteworthy fixes is its seamless compatibility with Windows Update, ensuring that users can easily implement monthly cumulative updates for Windows 11.

Although Copilot is not included in the default installation of the new Tiny11, it can be added if desired. By installing Edge using Winget, users can integrate Copilot into their Tiny11 installation, providing them with the flexibility to personalize their experience.

Analysis: Important Advances

The reduction in size by 20% for the new Tiny11 marks a significant achievement, particularly for users interested in a super-compact version of Windows 11. Furthermore, the capability to seamlessly implement Windows updates is crucial for maintaining the OS’s security and performance.

The option to incorporate Copilot offers users the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of the AI assistant while still utilizing a streamlined version of Windows 11. Additionally, it is worth noting that a similar version, Tiny10, is available for Windows 10, catering to low-spec hardware.

Source: TechRadar

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