North Korea-linked Hackers Target CyberLink Users in Supply-Chain Attack

Hackers backed by North Korea are distributing a modified version of a legitimate application created by CyberLink, a Taiwanese software company, to target downstream customers. As per Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence team, North Korean hackers compromised CyberLink to distribute a modified installer file as part of a widespread supply-chain attack. CyberLink, headquartered in Taiwan, is a … Read more

Private and Secure Web Search Engines: DuckDuckGo, Brave, Kagi, Startpage

When it comes to looking up information on the web, most people default to “googling” it—Google’s search engine has become so dominant that it’s now a verb, much like Photoshop. However, using Google for your searches comes with a privacy trade-off. Google’s business relies on advertising, and every search you make contributes to the profile … Read more

Key Skills That Could Influence Your Cybersecurity Career in the Age of Generative AI

Steve Cobb is SecurityScorecard’s chief information security officer (CISO), with over 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence. Indeed reports that almostone in five jobs are highly exposed to generative AI. The technology has proven advantageous for cybersecurity careers, automating threat data analysis and allowing cybersecurity professionals to … Read more

Google’s Crackdown on Ad Blockers Continues to Evolve

Google initially proposed strict restrictions on this API, but has now eased these in the new version of Manifest V3. Originally, the plan was to allow browser extensions to create 5,000 content-filtering “rules,” but this has been increased to 30,000 rules. AdGuard, an ad blocker, has cautiously welcomed some of the revised changes. Elsewhere, uBlock … Read more

Israel Deploys Thousands of New Honeypots to Catch Hackers

Following a terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel responded with airstrikes and a land incursion, resulting in numerous casualties. In the wake of this attack, the number of internet-connected honeypots in Israel has seen a significant surge, according to cybersecurity experts. Honeypots, which are manufactured networks designed to attract hackers, are commonly utilized … Read more

How to Prevent Google From Deleting Your Inactive Account

Google declared new plans in May to eliminate accounts that have been inactive for two years, as well as accounts that were created and never used, or used only briefly. If you have an old Gmail account or a Google Photos account with unused content, it’s time to start searching for those login credentials. Failure … Read more

British Library Confirms Theft of Data in Ransomware Attack

The British Library, one of the largest libraries globally and the national library of the United Kingdom, has acknowledged that a ransomware attack resulted in the theft of internal data. In late October, the British Library disclosed an unspecified cybersecurity incident that caused a “major technology outage” across its London and Yorkshire sites. This outage … Read more

The Myth of Turning Off Apple’s NameDrop Feature in iOS 17

Apple’s NameDrop feature in iOS 17 is currently making rounds across the United States, with police departments warning adults to disable the contact-sharing feature on their iPhones and their children’s devices. There’s also a widely shared TikTok video spreading misinformation about how the feature can allow strangers to steal personal information. The truth is, NameDrop … Read more

Hackers gain access to the sensitive health data of over 8 million Welltok patients

Sensitive personal data of over 8 million people was accessed by hackers who exploited a security vulnerability in a file transfer tool used by Welltok, the healthcare platform owned by Virgin Pulse. Welltok, a Denver-based patient engagement company, specializes in working with healthcare plans to provide communications to subscribers about their healthcare. However, it recently … Read more

DOJ Charges Binance With Extensive Money-Laundering Scheme and Sanctions Violations

According to US prosecutors, Binance is accused of processing approximately $275 million in deposits and withdrawals to BestMixer, a cryptocurrency “mixing” service that aimed to obscure cryptocurrency transactions. The Dutch law enforcement closed down this service in May 2019 due to a money-laundering investigation. The charging document also alleges that Binance users included ransomware groups, … Read more