“`html Unicorn Overlord aims to bring tactical RPGs back to the ‘90s

Vanillaware, known for its signature style, has ventured into different genres over the years. From the side-scrolling action RPG Odin Sphere to the recent sci-fi epic 13 Sentinels, the studio has displayed its versatility while maintaining its unique 2D art. The studio’s next project, Unicorn Overlord, is a tactical RPG inspired by classic titles. Ahead … Read more

Persona 5 Tactica: A Promising Game Review

Persona 5 Tactica pleasantly surprised me. I have been anxious for a good tactical RPG all year. Fire Emblem Engage failed to live up to its title, winding up as a shallower Three Houses. And the Advance Wars reboots bored me to tears. While I wasn’t exactly looking to Persona 5 Tactica to fill the … Read more

Marvel Snap: Future Prospects Despite Nuverse’s Restructure

The official Marvel Snap Twitter account assures that the popular collectible card game will continue to thrive, despite reports of its publisher, Nuverse, undergoing “structural changes.” Concerns about the publisher were initially raised after Reuters reported that Nuverse’s parent company, ByteDance (which also owns the social media platform TikTok), had announced an internal review to … Read more

Geoff Keighley shares thoughts on the complexity of defining the Best Independent Game category

The host of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, has acknowledged the confusion surrounding which games can be considered eligible for the Best Independent Game category, and says it’s “a really complicated thing to figure out.” This discussion came up during a livestream on Twitch yesterday (November 26). A fan asked Keighley about the thought process … Read more

Astarion fans rejoice – Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 5 will let you kiss your favorite vampire properly again

Good news for Astarion fans – Larian Studios has confirmed that it’s aiming to release Patch Five for Baldur’s Gate 3 this week, and it will come with an fix to the vampire’s kissing animations.  For those who are unaware, as TheGamer explains, Astarion’s kissing animations have been problematic since the release of Patch Four … Read more

YouTube’s Playables games are now accessible for Premium subscribers

YouTube has expanded into gaming for its paid subscribers. Premium users now have access to a collection of online games that can be played directly on the mobile app or desktop app. Referred to as “Playables,” the experimental feature was first introduced to select users in September. According to Droid-Life, Premium subscribers received a notification … Read more